MANUSMIRITHI (Man made laws)

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MANUSMIRITHI (Man made laws)


Manusmirithi by the Hindu Sage Manu is a compilation of laws and penalties on social, political and religious ethics as well as morals enjoying as much importance as Vedas, Upanishads, Geetha and Brahma Sutra. So we are here branding all man made laws as Manusmirithi. Actually this Manusmirithi divides mankind, the progeny of Adam and eve into several castes, assigning some of them very high positions and some others very low positions. This is actually a system designed with absolutely selfish motive.

            The topic that is to be discussed here in this article is mainly concerned with principles and doctrines followed by people of different religions. These are all designed and decreed by men, on the pattern of Mauusmirithi.

            Let us consider the constitution of our Indian Nation. Who were all the authors of this constitution? It was constituted by those who were wielding power and influence at the time of independence. Before independence, it was the laws framed by the British Aristocrats which  had a sway over us, the Indians. Thus all over the world the people in various countries are controlled by the rules and laws formulated by the rulers. In short, it is the rules and regulations promulgated by such rulers, which control the people of world. These are Manusmirithi the man-made laws. Just as, in the name of politics people are being subdued by the political constitution, in spiruality also people are being subjucated by the dominating religious clerics. These clerics have concocted their own rules and regulations in the name of religion. Apart from these, there is a third front which has propagated man-made laws in the name of atheism.

            In politics it is the ruling people who inject man-made rules. In the spiritual field Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists are introducing man-made laws. In the name of atheism, conceptions and ideas of Darwin, Marx, Ingersol,  Periyar Ramaswamy, Annadurai and Karunanidhi are being infused. All these concepts which hold a sway all over the world are one form or the other of Manusmirithi, the man made laws.

            The man-made laws are bound to be in favour of the man who made those laws. The recent verdicts of the Supreme Court are ample proof to vouch my statement. When the British were ruling us the rules and laws were naturally in favour of them. Though in the name of democracy now we are deemed to be ruling our ownselves, it is an undeniable truth that the rules are in favour of the influential upper caste people.

            Therefore there is no need of further proof to establish the fact that if man-made rules are made to govern, there will never prevail justice and fairness. Nobody will dare to deny the logic behind the conception that the inventor of a very precious instrument or machinery should himself layout the instructions as to how it should be operated. Man or human being is undoubtedly a more precious living being than any of the creations shaped by man. Man is not self-made. A Great Power beyond human comprehension has only created human beings. And therefore it is that Great Power who should codify the rules and regulations for mankind.

            Such a Codification will form the way of life for human beings and it will do justice and be fair. One who cannot sense this basic truth through reasoning is actually not a rational being. He is akin to five sensed beast. Such a pseudo rationalist will demand that the Great Power should be shown to him if he is to believe in and accept the Great Power. He little realizes that such a being which could be perceived by his eyes which is merely one of the very simple and trifle senses of a human being, could not actually ascend to be the Great Power. Such are the people who argue on the existence of the Great Power.

            Suppose a respectable man meets another gentle man and invites him for a dinner on the next day at his residence. He implores the friend, to positively attend the feast. The man being invited will not be able to perceive today any verge of the feast to be held the next day. Even if he wends all the way to the host’s residence he will not be able to  observe any symptom of the dinner. But taking into consideration the fact that the host is a man of honour and not of a dubious character, the guest when he finally goes the next day to the host’s house will find there the dinner being served in full swing with all grandeur.

            Now, on the other hand if you call a five sensed animal into the house shouting at the pitch of your voice that there is a sumptuous food waiting for it, what will happen? Will it come having listened to your call? Never; But if you hold a handful of food and show it to the animal it will come bouncing on you. This is the state of an animal which has only five senses. A man who proclaims that he would believe the ‘Great Power’ only after seeing this power with his own eyes is no better than this creature. Who dares to defy this?

            The atheists deny the existence of such a power wantonly. These people do believe in the existence of their own lives, wind, electricity etc even though they do not perceive them visually. And as such if the very same people deny to believe the existence of the Great power who directs them, through their functioning does it not amount to wantonness?

            If somebody proclaims that a boat was put into shape in the tree by itself and the boat came to the river of its own accord to carry the people from one bank to the other, will anybody on the earth believe it?  The atheists who do not hesitate to declare this man as a sifted fool assertively proclaim that all the planets in the heaven namely the sun, the moon etc and the earth as well as those found on the earth began functioning on their own accord. How are they to be classified? Could they be accepted as actual rationalists?

            If the atheistic rationalist harbours such a notion he is in a way justified. Because now in the present day world the religious clerics have intruded into all religions, Islam is not excluded, and are deceiving people for their own ends. They are introducing Manusmirithi – man made laws claiming them as the genuine ones. They are creating different grades among the people. These are the exact ones which after several hundreds of years erupt into castes. People, who are prone to observe and think over, are disgruntled and disgusted with such blantant exploitation. They ultimately lose faith in religions which are monopolistically represented by such unscrupulous clerics and become atheists. Actually the rules and laws enacted in Indian Courts as ‘Mohamedan Laws’ are the concoctions of the Muslim clerics. In reality they are nothing short of Manusmirithi – the man made law. It is of course not the laws and codes which the Quran the last Divine revealed Book and the Divine Guidance to humanity prescribes.

            Even in those countries which are very proudly proclaiming themselves to be Muslim and Arab nations the religious laws constituted are fabricated by men. They are therefore nothing but Manusmirithi – man  made laws.

            To state briefly, it suffice to say that in all countries all over the globe, all the theists as well as the atheists are practicing Manusmiriti – the man made laws only. This is exactly why nation is confronting nation, religion is confronting religion, language is confronting language, white men are confronting blackmen, state is confronting state and so on. The entire globe is being shaken.

            Pornography that is sufficient enough to spoil the entire world and violence are to the brim in the cinema world and this along with liquor, gambling and prostitution are being nurtured and patronized by the governments. Terrorism, bomb blasting, destructive activities that are incessantly rampant in societies and are a constant threat to the mass are all the outcome of the cinema. Do the rulers realize this? No, not at all! Exploiting the weakness, physical urge and lost of the mass, the rulers are keen and quick to make money out of it. And they are least bothered about the welfare of the people.

            The sole and never diminishing goal of the rulers is to amass wealth and property so as to be sufficient and to cater enough to their progeny, generations after generation. All that they are concerned about is their own comfort and luxury and not the mass. Let the mass go to hell! These are all due to the Manusmirithi the man made laws. The atheists are not pleased with Islam as represented and practised by the present day muslims. The reason is that today the muslims too are not practising the way of life God has so benevolently revealed to them. The Muslim clerics – the Muslim Prohits – on whom the muslims are having implicit faith are practising only those rules and laws formulated by themselves. They are again the Manusmirithi – man made laws. Therefore  superstitions, in  the form of belief, rituals and ceremonies, associate gods in the guise of Dhargas,  recitation of the Quran over those graves, and fathiha – a form of supplication by reciting the first seven verses of the Quran- which is an innovation and condemned by the Prophet, procession of a car (Rath) bearing vessels filled with Sandal paste, seeking the  help of an interceder to seek help from Allah are all copiously rampant now among Muslims.

            The atheists who observe all these and think over are invariably led to conclude that all religions including Islam are stems soaked in the same pool. They are also prone to infer that faith in God is nothing but a device to earn one’s niche, by cheating the people. In effect they conclude that ‘God’ is something which was brought into  play to deceive people. Consequently they implored people to forget God and think of man. They also declared that one who imagines God is a barbarian and one who worships God is a fool. But at the same time they little realize that they themselves do worship statues of Periyar (E.V. Ramaswamy) and Annadurai, which are arranged by them to be carved by sculptors. But they claim to pay homage to such of their leaders by garlanding their statues.  They little realize that such homages, advertently or inadvertently get transformed into worship as days pass by. Recently Mr. Karunanidhi, the C.M. of Tamil Nadu while speaking on the occasion  of promulgating the reservation for minorities, mentioning the names of some of the leaders and pointing towards their graves, declared to bow down before them joining the palms together and bringing them in front of the chest. Such of those who witnessed this in T.V. can not deny the fact. Almost all the statues which are being worshiped today were invariably meant to be paid homages only.  The atheists refuse to realize this. Human concepts whether conceived by the rulers, or theists or atheists are nothing more than man-made, Manusmirithi. They will, as such lead the mankind into social deterioration and ultimately into total destruction. This is an irrefutable truth.

            If so, what should exactly be the basis for the conduct and behavior of the man. They should of course be based on the guidance of the one and only Almighty God.  He is not one of those who form the list made out by human beings. He is the one who created the entire universe. There is no god other than Him.

            Do you  know what exactly is the allegiance professed by a man who embraces Islam? It is La ‘Ilah’  in Arabic. This is misinterpreted by the religious clerics as “There is none who deserve to be worshipped.” The world ‘La’ which appears first in the above allegiance means ‘no’. And the next word  ‘Ilah’ means ‘God’. Therefore the actual meaning of la Ilah is ‘No God’. What the atheist allege today is exactly the first part of what the muslim declares while entering into the fold of Islam. The other part of the allegiance, ‘Illallah’ in Arabic means except ‘Allah’

            The advent of thousands of Prophets into this world was to teach the people the fact that there is no god except the One God who created the universe. But the ever so many false gods in various shapes and images are all those who are conceived by the religious clerics who have adopted it as a means of earning their bread. All the deputy or assistant gods are concocted by these clerics claiming that they would help people to approach the God. It is really out of sheer ignorance that the atheist brethren, who rose against such false gods, deny the real One. They have succumbed to their five senses without actually utilizing their power of reasoning.

            God who created man was sending His Messengers from time to time with the way of life for the man to follow. But the way of life which was to be for a certain period was not preserved. God never intended them to be permanent. And therefore after the messenger who actually brought it they were all polluted by the religious clerics and lost their pristine state. The original languages too in which they were revealed became obsolete. As is the case with the governments to withdraw the currency of yore and mint  new  ones, God made the former scriptures of guidance null and void and revealed the  new scripture ‘Al Quraan’ which is to be the only guidance for humanity till the Doom’s Day. The Quraan is not for the Muslims alone. It is for the entire mankind of the world. The Quraan is neither a book of religion nor an impracticable philosophy. It is the book of guidance. It is preserved in its pristine state for the past 1450 years or more without being contaminated by the clerics. Its pristine state is maintained till today without even a dot being changed. The language, Arabic, in which it was revealed also has so far not become obsolete. It continues to be viable which is spoken by a very large number of people.

            The Books of Guidance revealed to the former messengers of God were all polluted by the manipulations and manoeuvres of human beings and got transformed into Manusmirithi. But the Quraan, the final Book of Guidance continues to guide humanity even today as it did when it was revealed. It will be maintained in its pristine state till the Day of Doom. This is indeed the assurance of the only God Himself. Of all the revealed Books of guidance, the one and only Book which is not contaminated by the manipulation of human beings and which has not been transformed into a philosophy or a religion in its limited sense, or a Manusmirithi and which continues to guide is the Quraan only.

            The clerics who were playing havoc with the Books of guidance and transforming them into Manusmirithis could not do the same with the Quraan. They were struggling hard to find a way out. And in their desperate search they laid their hands on the traditions of the Prophet (A hadeeth). The Prophet’s sayings  were not recorded as and when they were stated. And therefore they started playing with them as they were the actual practical explanations for the Quraan. The Ahadeeth were actually about 6000. These clerics concocted lakhs of them and paved a way for them and found a means of earning.

            But the real God-fearing righteous people studied them deeply and intently and identified the concocted traditions. The clerics on their part, introduced concocted stories and statements in the name of exegesis of the Quraan and interpretations of  Ahadeeth. Thus they brought in Manusmirithi into Islam. These are all what is being practiced by muslims in the name of Islam. By observing this transgressed version, the atheistic rationalists have come to deem Islam in par with the other religious which teach Manusmirithi. They have failed to discern the actual genuine way of life revealed by the Creator for establishing peace and tranquility.

            As explained earlier as all the revealed Books of guidance except the Quraan have been polluted and transformed into Manusmirithi. God himself has made them null and void. Today the only divine guidance for the humanity is the Quraan. There is absolutely no human concept in it. The power mongers are now prevented from introducing human whims into the scriptures. What the Quraan says is the right path. No cleric or scholar in the world however great he may be is permitted to give his own interpretations to the Quraan. To convey the contents of the Quraan as it  is, is the duty of everybody. The verses in the Quraan which are to be put into practice ie the Muhhkamath verses are not to be given double meanings. But the clerics who are outright set for worldly gains come out with multifarious interpretations. They thus create a  Manusmirithi and mislead the people.

            In the Quraan, it is true that there are transcendental truths which are beyond the Ken of humans. But there is nothing whatsoever which cannot be discerned analytically. Some of atheists who went through the Quraan may argue that there are some concepts expressed in the Quraan which cannot be reasoned out. It is because of their preconceived notion that whatever the muslim clerics who have transformed Islam into an ordinary religion like many others by introducing Manusmirithi, are only found in the Quraan . Such arguments of the atheists are the result of their superficial grazing. And it is not opined after unbiased and intent study.

            Let us explain it with an example. What exactly will happen if milk is poured into a vessel full of toddy? It will be mixed with toddy and become part and parcel of it. It will no more be milk. Just like this the atheist’s heart is saturated with denial of God’s existence and as such will not absorb the truth that there exists God who created each and everything in the universe. His mind and heart have been goaded to think in this way by the false god created by the clerics.

            When approached with impulsive urge or anger, what is right would appear to be wrong. And when approached with sympathy and leniency wrong would appear to be right. This is a natural phenomenon. Likewise to the atheists who read the Quraan in an antagonistic and ferocious mood, it will appear to be full of erratic assertions. This is actually due to the wrong approach and not the error in the Quraan. The statue carved out of stone by a sculptor though worshipped by an intelligent man is actually nothing more than a statue and never a god. If this fact is asserted will the man who worships it agree? Never, It is because the conception that it is a god is firmly established in his heart and anything opposed to it will not be accepted.  This is natural.

            The one and only God did not select His messenger from among the well-learned people. He actually selected them from among those who were not learned and who were shepherds. The reason is that they were without preconceived notion and hence were in a mind-set to convey the Devine Revelation as it was without any addition or omission.

            Therefore if the atheist keeps aside atheistic principles at least at the time of reading the Quraan will be able to discern the irrefutable truths it presents.

            Dr. Maurice Bucaile an exemplary scholar was a Christian having full faith in Trinity. He started studying the Bible as well as the Quraan unbiasedly. He prepared a list of assertions in the Bible which are opposed to science. At the same time he was stunned to find that there was not a single verse in the Quraan which was opposed to science. The Bible revealed to Jesus (Easa) was polluted by humans and became a Manusmirithi. Though at the time of revelation of the Quraan there were prevalent superstitions opposed to science, it was not possible for them to permeate into the Quraan.

            The Quraan being a Divine Revelation and being preserved in its pristine state without being subject to human contamination the scientific facts contained in it are being discovered by humans. The Quraan is the words of the one and only God. The science is His acts. The words and acts of God will never contradict one another. Discerning this Truth Dr. Maurice Bucaile embraced Islam.

            The book under the title. “The Bible The Quraan  and Science” written  by him was translated into Tamil. Those who read the book, came to the conclusion that if scientific facts which had not been discovered by human intellect could be found in the Quraan revealed 1450 years ago it could be nothing but the words of God.

            If, without rankling, likes and dislikes, impulsive urge and sympathy, one reads the Quraan unbiasedly and ponder over its contents he will discern the truth that it is not the work of a human and that is the scripture to guide the humanity revealed by the Creator God Himself.

            Democracy, Communism, or any other philosophy which are in vogue today are all the discoveries of the human beings. They are Manusmirithi. They can not be but without leniency. They can never be one with absolute just without partiality or discrimination. It will be possible to establish justice in the world only if the Quraan revealed by the one and only God who created, nourish and maintain men and other creatures, as a scripture of guidance explaining the way of life to be lead.

            Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim brethren following clerics who have founded Manusmirithi in the name of God for their own ends, and the brethren who disbelieve God accepting the notions and ideas of people like Darwin, Russell, E.V. Ramaswamy  the Periyar, Annadurai and Karunanidhi and their Manusmirithis! Please be aware of the fact that both of you are in the wrong path leading to destruction. It is not possible to attain salvation by following the rules and laws decreed by human beings. It is possible only by following, the Quraan the Divine Guidance of the One and Only God who has no associate or parallel. He, the creator has no need. If only the teachings of the Quraan are followed without self interpretations and explanations it is possible to regain back the peace and tranquility which have been lost now. Please realize the fact and come forward, to act.

            The lakhs and odd Messengers of God who appeared in this world preached monotheism only. But what was conceived by all the religious clerics were false gods, who were meant to plead with the God and lead the people to God. The atheistic brethren who ventured to destroy the false gods have actually turned against the one and only real God out of their ignorance and by depending on their other five senses except discerning power.

            The God who created the man was revealing this Guidance for him from time to time through His prophets.  But those previous guidances were not preserved as they were of temporary nature. Therefore all of them underwent changes and transformations after the prophets by the clerics. Ultimately they lost their pristine state. The languages in which they were revealed also became obsolete. Just like the governments declare the former currencies as null and void, God also made the previous guidances null and void. Instead, He revealed the Quraan and declared it as the only Guidance till the Day of Doom. The Quraan is not a religion in the limited sense or an impracticable philosophy as the clerics assert. It is a Book of Guidance. 

            The man-made laws will not induce the man to live as man but will prompt them to behave as a beast. It is only when the people all over the world realize that only the laws decreed by  the God will the world progress!


Originnal in Tamil : ANNAJAATH NOVEMBER 2007

Rendered into English by : Er. H. ABDUSSAMAD


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