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MOULVIS(ULEMA) AND SCHOLARS! WILL YOU PLEASE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS:         “Lunar month has begun. By passing over the conjunction, the current month starts. Yet the very next day the nascent crescent is not visible to the naked eye and therefore this cannot be accepted as the beginning of the month. When the crescent of […]

INTRODUCTION : Of late, a few number of forums are shouting slogans here and there in our country on Election – Boycott, But to our surprise, a few Muslim have also raised the voice for this purpose. Hence it is our bounded duty to alert timely our brethren in Islam.

MANUSMIRITHI (Man made laws)   Manusmirithi by the Hindu Sage Manu is a compilation of laws and penalties on social, political and religious ethics as well as morals enjoying as much importance as Vedas, Upanishads, Geetha and Brahma Sutra. So we are here branding all man made laws as Manusmirithi. Actually this Manusmirithi divides mankind, […]