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Of late, a few number of forums are shouting slogans here and there in our country on Election – Boycott, But to our surprise, a few Muslim have also raised the voice for this purpose. Hence it is our bounded duty to alert timely our brethren in Islam.

Let us now discuses the subject matter.
The aim of a Muslim is ONLY to obey the will of Allah(Jal) and to take efforts to form a government of Theocracy i.e. a rule in accordance with the will of Allah. A true Muslim cannot accept a rule created by Men either in Democracy or in Dictatorship.
The rule of democracy frames the law based on the views of the majority and hence minority is compelled to accord with the views of the majority; But the rule of Dictatorship orders to obey the entire society to the will and wish of an individual ruler (dictator).
Is it correct a man to obey another man’s will and wish? Is it acceptable to our common sense? Never.
Allah (Sub) is the Omnipotent, Creator, Supreme etc., So He alone can frame the exact rule to Mankind and all living creatures. So it is the bounded duty of a Muslim to form a rule of Theocracy only on the basis of the will of Allah (Jal).
Here the wishes of minority, majority, and an individual would become secondary. Is it possible for Man to introduce a meaningful plan to all the creatures than that of Allah who created them? For argument sake, we presume that it is possible for Man to make such a plan. Is there any guarantee that those plane are pure without selfishness of Man? Never, Therefore, the 100 per cent pure is ONLY the rule of Theocracy.
How to form a rule of Theocracy?
It is absolute necessary to form a mob to establish such a rule. They should strictly adhere to the will of Allah. The mob should have strong belief only in ALLAH and perform their prayers. Haj, Zakat and observe fasting during the month of Ramazhan in the specified time. On the other hand, they should reform their lives as the lives of the companions of Prophet Muthammadh(Sal) during those days.
Before adhering to the will of Allah, it is wasteful to talk politics, shouting-slogans to get out rights, and to recoups the rights that are lost and taking efforts to establish a rule in accordance with the will of Allah. This can be realized only by the people who seek guidance in the light of Quraan and Hadiths and not by the ideas introduce by Men.
So, enter into Islam fully, Otherwise, the above activities would bring miseries now itself to Muslims which would come after 10 years. The incident happened in coimbatore is the best example.
Unless Muslims don’t form a mob to establish a rule in accordance with the will of Allah, it would the dangerous to involve in political activities. That would bring miseries., lose in property activities occurred in the fast 10 years, you would Benefit Ely come to a conclusion that these are being happened only after the start of the recent activities of some Muslims. Nobody would deny this fact. Hence it is the duty of a Muslim to act cautiously in this regard.
Now it has become unavoidable compulsion for Muslims to live as a True Muslim by strengthening their belief in Allah and unite under the control of only one leader (ameer). Necessary steps should be immediately taken.
Under these circumstances, we are now compelled to face a election now. A true Muslim can not justify a rule introduced by Men. So, is it correct to boycott the election?
We are now under compulsion. If any difficulty arises in establishing a rule accordance with the will of Allah. We should make Hijirath to the places where it is possible to establish such a rule. This is the will of Allah.
Al-Our-an says : (Chapter 4:97)
“When angels take souls while they wrong against their souls, they will ask” “In what were you engaged?”. They will repl, “We are week and oppressed in the earth”. The angels will say “Was not Allah’s earth specious that you could have migrated therein?”. Such persons will find their habitation in hell – an evil refuge”.
According to this verse, we must migrate to such a nation. Is that opportunity now available? The land of Allah is now divided into parts and owned by all Nations and they claim rights over it. So, it is quite impossible to migrate to any part of the earth even to Arab Countries where our Prophet Sal lived. The Govt. in Arab Countries would not extend permission for migration. If they permit for migration, it is not possible to perform the will of Allah fully as the monarchy will not allow it as it is.
Would the Govt. of Pakistan, which was separated from our mother land, accept us? Never. Even if they accept, equal status will not be offered. Muslims parted company with Pakistan during the partition are being considered as the second grade citizen. Those immigrants are even now unable to attain the status of the earlier dwellers. Under this situation. if Tamil Muslims migrates there, what would be the same to that of the status given in India to the SC, ST community people,.
Under these circumstances, where Muslims have to go? The Omnipotent – Allah (Jal) knows very well the inability of ours. We hope for the best that. He will not find fault on us in this regard. Because Quraan Chapter. 2:286 says: “Allah never place a burden on a soul beyond its scope”.
It is our duty to obey the will of Allah to the maximum possible to out capacity in our mother land – India, without the interruption of the Govt. or others. But Allah would punish us if we contrast to His will by way of admitting our own will and wishes.
Indian Muslims are the sons of soil – the original citizens. Dravidians, Tamilan, the Aryans like R.S.S., BJP, VHP say that we are converted into islam. This is not true. This shows their ignorance. The truth is that we have safely arrived back at our mother – religion – Islam. Because our ancestors were in the belief of “ONE GOD – ONE COMMUNITY”. Our heredity is only Islam. Adam (Alai) brought Islam. Sheath (Alai) preached Islam.
Aryans entered into India and overwhelmed our ancestors and compelled them in idol-worship. Thus our ancestors committed this great sin ‘shirk’. Aryans estended their cruelties in making sects among people and divided them into groups. They made all kinds of wickedness on them.
This is like the Europeans ruled the majority people of Red-Indians and Negroes though the Europeans are in minority. Likewise, Aryans did the same on our ancestors. They paid attention in making quarrel among people in the name of Caste, Color, Creed; They very carefully watched the people in nt uniting. This is conveniently possible for them to control over the 95% of the sons of soiled though they are 3% in total population.
The time is not far away to get success in sending them out as the Negroes in South Africa driven out the whites.
A few of our ancestors i.e. the Muslims by birth, who were under the tricks of a Aryans, have again embarrassed Islam i.e. rejoined to their mother-religion. They are very meager in number. Our ancestors who are still in the tricks of Aryans are numerous. It is our duty to preach their original religion – Islam.
A few of our ancestors realized their sins and embarrassed Islam and thus we are born in Islam.
Would it not be better to see that their religion – Islam to reach (all) the sons of soil?
Under today a circumstances, it is essential to prove ourselves as the sons of soil by only way of franchising our rights. The non-usage of suffrage is committing suicide.
If Muslims boycott the election, Aryans would say:
1. Muslims are the traitors.
2. Would Muslims boycott, it they have interest in the welfares of Nation?
3. Muslims are the supporters of Pakistan.
We need not bother about it. But we should remember that all the medias are in the hands of Aryans.
It is a very great mistake our Muslim-ancestors committed in 1940 for the partition of our mother land – India and accepted for the separate nation – Pakistan, that too it was parted into 2 portions in the North part of the country (one part in the East and another part of the Country. This gave the way to Aryans to say on us. “to go to Pakistan”. When a separate country is given to you.
We are suffer and realize for the mistake committed by our
It we boycott the election, then gradually our names would be removed from the voters’ list. At this stage, we can not even claim for the same because we are failed to avail the rights of voting. This would, step by step, make Muslims would become stateless citizen.
This would not come into force immediately but thinking of removing our names in the voters’ list would arise in their minds.
Now we point our fingers on our ancestors for the present worst living of Muslims in our own country and tomorrow our successor would point their fingers on us. They even curse on us for the still worst living. Let tomorrow’s incident be there. It happens even today.
It is essential to choose the men of justice in the election, but the present situation is not prevailing to do so. Very worst persons are involving in today’s politics. politicians make politics at their convenient as a profitable business without investing capital. Therefore the chance of selecting a man of justice is mirage. For this reason alone. We cannot simply deny franchisung. what would happen if we deny franchising? Muslims votes would be castled by the rogues who are supported by politicians.
You may say that we may, inform the Govt. in writing regarding your non-franchising. This would not fetch the fruit. we can stop casting our votes by others; but Govt. may think over in long run to remove your names from the voters list.
We are not compelled to choose the best apple among the rotten. Likewise, we have to elect a person among the worst politicians. In the absence or persons with justice. We should at least elect a person who give less harm.
Would it not be better to elect a less harm-given than that of a worst harm-given? we are compelled to do so. We should not forget the very important point that franchising by Muslims would definitely reduce the numbers of Aryans and their supports to come into Power.
I appeal each one of you and the forums, who boycott the election, to rethink on the subject matter by avoiding selfishness etc, etc. I request to keep in mind only the welfare of the Society and country and be a cause for renaissance.

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